This Lebanese Town Goes Musical For People In Quarantine

Live Love Aley / Municipality of Aley

The Municipality of Aley asked the musicians of the town on Monday night to do a live musical show for the people quarantined at home. In return, the initiative was met with great applaud from the people on their balconies.

In an attempt to encourage people to stay in their homes, cars roamed the streets and neighborhoods of the city of Aley broadcasting music to entertain and alleviate the strain of house confinement.

The positive outcome was as such that the Municipality of Aley went on doing even more.

It recruited volunteer musicians to tour the city’s neighborhoods and play happy music around, which brought the locals onto their balconies dancing, cheering, singing, and clapping on the rhythm being played.

The musical initiative is one of many that Aley Municipality has been seeking to encourage its residents to stay home for their own safety and the safety of the public in general.

They were spotted dancing, singing, and clapping on the rhythm being played.

Just like the Italians in their country, the Lebanese people have been creating ways to entertain themselves as the country declares a lockdown to cease the spread of the virus. The people all over Lebanon are singing to lift spirits.

In Lebanon, around 30 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are being announced daily, with the latest report on Saturday 28 March marking 412 cases. This is despite the official lockdown and the strict measurements that Lebanon has taken against the violators of quarantine.

Long days confined at home for a long period of time can be strainful in many ways, but psychologically it is being dreadful, especially for people of cultures like the Lebanese who are community-oriented and highly sociable.

From street music to homemade zaatar saj, the Lebanese are succeeding in enjoying the beauty of the simple things. They are showing solidarity and strength, and even offering free Airbnbs in Lebanon to health workers!

Aley Municipality has been assiduous in its efforts to protect its residents from the coronavirus, going far and beyond with its duties towards. Check this out:

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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