Lebanese Town Kobayat Will Start Using Cloth Bags Instead of Plastic

In a pioneering step to decrease and reduce the use of plastic bags, The Agricultural Co-operative Association in Kobayat-Akkar launched a new initiative “The Environment is fine…Man is Fine”.


Via Arabic Pages / Al-Qoubaiyat

According to this initiative, the Agricultural Co-operative Association in Kobayat-Akkar will distribute a cloth shopping bag to each and every family living in the village so that they use it for their shopping.

These bags, which aim to ease the detrimental pressure on our environment, will be distributed to the doorstep of each family starting July first.


Tony Raed, the president of  the association, spoke out saying that “Over the course of history, people have violated the natural resources of the environment and destroyed them not knowing that they are destroying the health and lives of a whole generation […} The situation is very difficult.”

Via Annahar

Speaking about this initiative, he explained that “Because we live in the plastic age, this substance that has damaged the environment more than human beings, we are undertaking this first modest step, which we look forward to being one of a series of initiatives that will correct the path and create environmental and cultural awareness.”


He also pointed out that the Municipality of Kobayat will call on civil society institutions and schools in the region to develop an integrated plan to solve the issue of waste and all sources of pollution in order to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

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We’ve been noticing in the past months the proactive attitude of many municipalities in that regard, working seriously towards saving our environment,  reducing the use of plastic bags and replacing them with the alternative eco-friendly ones.


Beit Mery is one of those Municipalities who have recently launched a campaign “No for plastic bags” to reduce the use of plastic bags in shops and supermarkets within the municipal area.

Via Annahar

In July 2018, the municipality of Byblos headed by the mayor Wissam Zaarour also issued a decision calling upon shop owners to replace plastic bags with eco-friendly alternatives in accordance with the city’s environmental plan.


Tripoli has recently launched its eco-friendly initiative as well for waste management, following on the footsteps of the city of Beit-Mery’s waste-management endeavor.

It is to say that we are full of hope witnessing the more conscious direction taken by these municipalities towards a cleaner environment. And hopefully, all others across Lebanon will follow suit very soon.

Via Rawda Fayha


This awakening of consciousness towards our earth and homeland seems to be sweeping through the country. Some organizations and small businesses in Lebanon are not waiting for the government to implement eco-friendly endeavors. 

EcoSouk store, for example, was launched by Recycle Lebanon NGO, a green platform for the production and distribution of eco-friendly products.

Last year, Eco101, an eco-friendly mall opened in the city of Antelias. 


Via BaroudRest

Small businesses are taking also their own initiative in that regards. Shops and food counters, like the Baroud Dinner in Beirut, eliminated plastic from their establishment to make our world a greener one.

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