12 Things To Do In The Splendid Town Of Sawfar In Lebanon

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Between the mountains of the Aley district lies a small village called Sawfar. For history enthusiasts, it is a great destination since it still holds some of Lebanon’s oldest and most historical buildings and monuments.

Strolling through the village, imagining life in old Lebanon is quite easy.

Sawfar overlooks the Lamartine valley so that, wherever you stand, a great view is in front of you. It is a splendid town to visit and here are some things you will enjoy doing while there.

Visit the Old Railway Station

Still standing tall since 1880, this old railway station in Sawfar was previously bustling with life, connecting Lebanon to Syria. Built during the Ottoman empire, this station relays parts of Lebanon’s history. It allows you to imagine and visualize how life was at the time.

It is a perfect place for history and photography enthusiasts. It overlooks the Lamartine valley, making it a great spot to witness Lebanon’s great beauty.

Visit the Sursock Donna Maria Palace

This nostalgic palace was built in 1909. From the outside, it still holds its majestic, romantic stature. But its insides have been looted and wrecked during the civil war in 1975. It is still a great sight, a peek into the old Lebanon and overlooks a great view.

Walk Through the Halls of the Abandoned Grand Hotel

It’s always a thrill to walk through the halls of a monument that’s so old but also contained so much life. It was built in 1890 by the Sursock family and hosted Lebanon’s first casino.

Discover the beauty of Sawfar’s Traditional Houses

Driving or walking around Sawfar, you’ll get your fill of traditional Lebanese houses. Red rooftops, long wooden windows, and stone walls, you’ll feel right at home.

Take A Walk Along The Sawfar Corniche

This beautiful corniche is one that overlooks the most beautiful sunsets Lebanon could witness.

Taking a stroll under the trees, and inhaling the fresh air of the mountain is a great way to relax and take some time out. It has been nicknamed “lovers street” because of its romantic atmosphere, especially when the sun is setting.

Dine in Al Tholouj Restaurant

Enjoy a meal on the terrace of Al Tholouj, and its breathtaking panorama of the Lamartine valley and surroundings. The restaurant serves international as well as Lebanese food.

For more info, contact 05292442.

Take a Bike Tour through the Town

Enjoy a bike ride in the streets of lovely Sawfar. The freshness and purity of the mountain air make your trip much more enjoyable.

There is a bike rental spot at the Corniche. You may contact them on 78844633 for more info.

Drink and Chill

Listen to music as you cool down and have a drink, all while appreciating the breathtaking view of the Lamartine valley. This specific spot is located near the Corniche. For more information, please contact 71 775 591.

Shop Sawfar traditional wicker handcrafts

You can never go wrong getting a wicker basket on the main street of Sawfar. It’s also a great way to support Lebanese local and small businesses.

Don’t leave town without some local desserts

Visiting a traditional Lebanese village might make you crave traditional Lebanese desserts. Grab some maamoul or kaak from this local catering business. For more info, contact 71166273.

Don’t miss the local man’ouch a3l Saj!

The smell of the fresh bread and zaatar sift on main street Sawfar as this local bakery, Makhbaz el Nabil, serves its man’ouch aal saj. For more information, contact 70007668.

Smile for a professional camera

Sawfar is known for its beautiful scenery, architecture and its historical buildings. Many people head to the village specifically for beautiful pictures. Please contact +961 81 720 827 to get your professional photoshoot.

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