This South Lebanon Town Just Kicked Hezbollah Out After Trying To Fire Rockets From A Near School


In the border town of Rmeish, tension flared between its residents and Hezbollah operatives who attempted to deploy rockets toward Israel from areas close to residential homes, sparking concern and apprehension among the locals about potential repercussions.

In a recorded video, the parish priest of Rmeish elaborated on the event stating that: “the residents grew suspicious upon observing two unmarked civilian cars in their neighborhood around 9:00 AM.

These cars were transporting Hezbollah members aiming to set up rocket platforms between village houses near a local high school.

Concerned about the safety of their homes and children due to the proximity of the houses and neighborhoods, the young people of the town opposed this, leading to Hezbollah members firing two shots into the air.

Subsequently, the youths rang the church bell, promoting the Hezbollah group to retreat amid heightened tension and gatherings of local youths.”

The priest further emphasized, “the unsuitability of receiving missiles between houses, highlighting the ample open spaces available.”

He also expressed “the residents’ readiness to remain on their land, highlighting their good relationship with neighbors and their determination not to abandon their land or belongings.”

Video footage capturing the gathering and bell ringing near the town’s church circulated widely on social media, garnering solidarity and support from Lebanese citizens and political figures.

The leader of the Kataeb Party, MP Samy Gemayel, expressed solidarity with the residents of Rmeish through the X platform, affirming unwavering support for the town’s residents.

From his side, Kataeb Party MP Nadim Gemayel condemned Hezbollah’s placement of a missile platform in Rmeish, expressing solidarity with the residents.

He urged Lebanese authorities and UNIFIL to safeguard the border villages from militia threats, as posted on his X account.

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