12 Lebanese Travel Photographers Who’ll Make You Want To Travel The World

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Just like their ancestors the Phoenicians, Lebanese people love to travel and explore the world. Some of them have even made a career out of their journeys.

Here are 12 remarkable Lebanese travel photographers, in random order, whose pictures will inspire you to book a flight to anywhere ASAP.

#1 Michelle Karam

From the freezing Nordics to the jungles of East Africa, Michelle Karam travels to unique locations not many have the courage to visit.

Her photos, which she posts on her Instagram, account Travel Junkie Diary, inspire people to embark on once-in-a-lifetime expeditions that she organizes with her adventure travel company @travelwithtjd.

#2 Karim Iliya

Karim Iliya is an award-winning photographer who captures only the most breathtaking photographs of majestic whales, sea life, and different landscapes, especially volcanoes.

For a few weeks in the year, he organizes ‘Dance With Whales‘ trips where he gives people the rare opportunity to swim, snorkel, and free-dive with nature’s gentle giants.

#3 Tony Aoun

Tony Aoun is a widely traveled Lebanese photographer whose pictures in Lebanon and abroad are vibrant and only the most stunning.

While he has gone far, he has a travel blog dedicated to Lebanon called @lebanonalacarte.

#4 Hadi Farah

Hadi Farah travels the world and collects moments and scenes from his expansive travels where he’s seen interesting places and people along the way. His shots can be admired on his Instagram account My Sloppy Adventures.

#5 Diala Shuhaiber

Diala Shuhaiber, who posts her shots on her Instagram account Frame With A View, captures aesthetic pictures in Lebanon and abroad that will feed anyone’s urge to travel right now!

#6 Mr. Dann

Mr. Dann is the “guy with a bowler hat” who founded the Instagram travel-inspo community, My Hotels Collection, undoubtedly inspired by his own travels across the globe.

#7 Jad Karam

From adventures in Lebanon’s natural landscape to escapades in the Nordics, Jad Karam captures his travels’ most visit-worthy destinations.

#8 Karl Mansour

Karl Mansour is an architect and urban planner based in Beirut. During his travels and in Lebanon, he takes the most quaint and dainty pictures that illustrate a place’s hominess and beauty. His pictures just exude the best vibes!

#9 Abdo Medawar

With his camera in hand, Lebanese photographer Abdo Medawar takes his passion for photography to capture the beauty of the world, and he does so remarkably.

His level of professionalism and the beauty of his shots can be admired on his Instagram account iPicture Lb.

#10 Rami Rasamny

Rami Rasamny is a proud mountaineer who has been to places people could only dream of. He and his wife Ghida co-founded the travel adventure community, Life Happens Outdoors, where they curate small group adventures for first-timer making people’s dreams come true.

#11 Toufic Abou Nader

Toufic Abou Nader dropped everything to be a full-time adventurer. Accompanied by his wife and baby, Abou Nader travels the region in search of new trails, caves, mountains, you name it. Thankfully, he takes his camera along the journey.

#12 Christian Ghammachi

Christian Ghammachi is an award-winning Lebanese photographer with decades worth of experience. His passion for photography has taken him on an unbelievable journey around the earth. He is the founder of the pages Rise Above Earth, Rise Above Lebanon, and Two Wheels Across.

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