Lebanese Can Now Travel To These European Countries Again

What You Need To Know About Flying To Denmark & Spain From Lebanon

Middle East Airlines (MEA) has announced a list of European countries that are now allowing Lebanese and residents in Lebanon holding Visa Type C to enter.

The countries are:

Foreign residents of Lebanon who are entitled to enter Belgium and the Netherlands without a previously acquired visa are exempt from the visa requirement, but they are still required to obtain the necessary travel permission from their embassy before their trip.

Apart from that, the only requirement for entering Belgium and the Netherlands is to fill the passenger locator form, here for Belgium, and here for the Netherlands.

Similarly, entry to Spain is bound only by filling the country’s Travel Health Form, here (including for children), prior to the trip, to be presented upon arrival in Spain, according to MEA.

All third-country citizens are subject to random COVID-19 testing upon arrival, and any passenger who does not meet health conditions set by the Spanish Health Ministry will not be allowed to enter the country.

These countries eased travel restrictions after the European Union agreed to add Lebanon and seven other countries to its safe-travel list over a week ago.

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