Lebanese On Twitter Reacted To Reckless GunFire More Than Actually Celebrating New Year’s Eve


With 2020 finally behind us, it’s only natural that many hashtags related to New Year were trending on Twitter.

However, alongside the Michel Hayek hashtag, and #HappyNewYear2021, the Lebanese employed the use of a funny hashtag imploring people to stop “celebratory” shooting, #ما_تقوص_يا_جحش (don’t shoot, you donkey).

The hashtag was launched hours before the New Year’s Eve celebration in hopes to raise awareness against the reckless shooting. Despite warnings and the readiness of security forces, people (idiots) still managed to do it.

Lebanese people focused more on celebrating the end of 2020 than on welcoming the new year. In addition to using the #ما_تقوص_يا_جحش hashtag, many took to Twitter to complain about the heavy gunfire – in some places, it was more than ever before.

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