Lebanese University Professors Will Not Back Down From Their Demands

Beirut Today

The Executive Board of the committee of Full-time Professors at the Lebanese University confirmed in a statement after a meeting chaired by Amer Halawani and the presence of members, the continuation of the open strike.

The committee considers that every bid that professors are exposed to in relation to the interest of the university and students is rejected.

“Every call made to professors to return from the strike is a misplaced and unrealistic call.”

The committee confirms the continuation of the open strike that it has approved and calls on the professors to fully commit to stopping all academic work.

Accordingly, it confirmed that it is not ready to discuss any subject before receiving all the overdue salaries. The committee stressed that it is neither a new university year nor an end to the current one.

The professors addressed the students and their parents saying, “We were given the choice between graduating students this year and the university, so we chose the university for you, your children, and all future generations, and we invite you to take action to preserve it.”

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