Lebanese Med Students Released a Fun Info Video to Fight Coronavirus Spread

Mohammad El-Jannoun l Lebanese University

When the Coronavirus first broke out in Lebanon, private universities refused to send their med students to help at Rafic El Hariri Hospital in Beirut while Lebanese University (LU) students covered up for the fight.

Doctors belonging to the Lebanese University (Faculty of Medical Sciences) were quick to volunteer, free of charge.

The duties of the volunteer-based Coronavirus are to conduct an initial examination to follow-up with the people affected in quarantine. That’s in addition to counseling and spreading awareness in dealing with the virus and ways to prevent it.

Posted by Mohammad El Jannoun on Monday, March 9, 2020

These students and doctors are today Lebanon’s heroes, and their job is anything but easy.

Like many doctors around the world, they have been looking for ways to unwind from the high pressure by entertaining themselves every once in a while, as well as entertaining the patients… and social media users.

Posted by Mohammad El Jannoun on Monday, March 9, 2020

Doctors around the world, like in Iran, Wuhan, and even in Lebanon have been also reverting to dancing once in a while.

Many videos of doctors dancing circulated the internet, and these dances are funny, creative, certainly therapeutic, and even sometimes heartwarming.

حتى بالكورونا مولعينا نحنا شعب ما منموت ????

Posted by Joseph Barrak on Saturday, March 7, 2020

LU students this time took it one step further, and that is to post an entertaining/educational video, bringing forward proper ways for people to greet each other and wash their hands as measures against the coronavirus transmission; and you can check it out in the video below.

It also introduces us to an additional way to greet people without hugging or kissing them other than touching elbows, and a new way to salute each other with…our feet:

هيك منغسل وهيك منسلم بزمن "كورونا"

هيك منغسل وهيك منسلم بزمن "كورونا"Amani Khatib#وحدة_كورونا#الجامعة_اللبنانية#مستشفى_رفيق_الحريري_الجامعي#Corona_Unit#Lebanese_University#Rafic_Hariri_Hospital

Posted by Lebanese University on Sunday, March 8, 2020