Lebanese Wedding Venue Was Just Awarded ‘Best in the Middle East’

Lebanon is known worldwide for its natural wealth and beauty, and also for its particular characteristics. It is never a surprise but a delight to hear about our beautiful country winning top awards in many fields and in different events and contests. A newly earned laurel has come now to lengthen the list further in beauty and merits!


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In a world-class event at the Atlantis in Dubai, Lebanon’s name was again cited among the tops in the world, and this time for having the best wedding venue of the region.

Surpassing all glamorous venues, and even above magnetic Dubai,  the Chateau Rweiss of Lebanon scored the DWP ACE award of “The Destination Wedding Congress” under the category of the best and most beautiful wedding venue in the Middle East.


In the words of the DWP, “The DWP ACE Awards confers, highlights outstanding talents, laudable initiatives and recognizes the hard work of those in the luxury wedding and destination wedding industry.”

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Standing out with its authentic Lebanese characteristics for over 10 years, Chateau Rweiss has outperformed the wedding industry, holding an exceptional position for itself and Lebanon, and winning over 14 hotels and wedding venues in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain.


Via Chateau Rweiss

Surrounded in natural beauty by the Chnaniir Reserve and overlooking the awe-inspiring Jounieh Bay, Chateau Rweiss has hosted the most important weddings of the region. It has been a magnet to locals as well as Lebanese expatriates and foreigners seeking to celebrate their weddings in Lebanon. 

As a result, our Lebanese top wedding venue was nominated for the sixth edition of this prestigious award.


The 3-day conference of “The Destination Wedding Congress” was held in Dubai on March 27-29, upon which Chateau Rweiss won the award for the best and most luxurious wedding venues in the Middle East. 

It is worth mentioning that “The Destination Wedding Congress” is a conference held annually in a different country each year. It is recognized for its importance in marketing global destinations for weddings, and for the participation of the world’s most famous celebrity weddings’ organizers.

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“This award has a very positive impact on the work of Chateau Rweiss,” said some of Chateau Rweiss officials. “Today, it is proving its strategies and helping it achieve its most important goal of making Lebanon a major tourist destination for Lebanese expatriates and foreigners who wish to celebrate their weddings in Lebanon.”

Chateau Rweiss-Chnaniir was initially built in 1907 by the priest Boutros Abi Nasr as a private convent of no ties to any specific congregation. It encompassed a church and a small school with dorms.

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Abandoned and deteriorated during the civil war of 1975, it was then picked up in 2002 by one of the heirs named Rafic Abi Nasr. Believing in its great potential, he went on working on it to bring it back to life and into a magical landscape for weddings. His vision has materialized indeed in all glory.

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