8 Lebanese Wineries Worth A Road Trip To Bekaa


Lebanon has been a land of wine production since the Phoenician era, with reputable wineries and vineyards still scattered across the country, producing fine wine from the blessings of its land.

From the Bekaa Valley to the Mount, North, and South, Lebanon has more than 40 wineries.

In the Bekaa Valley, there are 8 wineries that are worth a road trip to explore and savor their succulent wines amid beautiful nature.

Chateau Ksara

Located in Ksara, Zahle, Chateau Ksara is considered the biggest and oldest winery in Lebanon.

It was founded by the Jesuits in 1857 and produces around 3 million bottles per year.

You can enjoy the magnificent caves and vineyards within Chateau Ksara, and serve yourself to their sophisticated wine.

For more information: 08/813495

Chateau Saint Thomas

Chateau Saint Thomas is located in Qab Elias.

It is a family-owned winery since 1990 where you can enjoy a winery tour, wine tasting, and eat at their restaurant.

For more information: 08/500812

Chateau Kefraya

Chateau Kefraya is located in Kefraya, West Bekaa, and is considered the second biggest winery in the valley.

The winery is surrounded by land that extends to more than 3,000 acres, where you can admire magnificent natural sceneries.

You can enjoy a winery tour, wine tasting, and food in their restaurant.

For more information: 08/645333

Massaya Winery

Massaya, Taanayel has been in the Bekaa since 1994 and in Mount Lebanon since 2013.

In their Bekaa location, you can enjoy a winery tour as well as wine tasting.

For more information: 70/122414

Domaine Wardy

A family-owned winery & distillery, Domaine Wardy is located in Zahle and proudly carries the Lebanese heritage and the legacy of the family’s great-great-grandmother, Wardy (Rose).

A story of courage and valiancy of a woman who found herself widowed with three young children and a land to keep up with, and did it all so well that her name became the family name.

For a tour and tastings, you must call for an appointment on 08 930141.

Coteaux Du Liban

Coteaux Du Liban is a boutique family-run winery in the Bekaa Valley. It is located in Zahle and produces around 100,000 wine bottles per year.

For the winery tour and wine tasting, you need to reserve on 08/930700.

Chateau Heritage

Located in Qab Elias, Chateau Heritage is a family-owned and -operated winery since 1999.

It is featured on the top 50 list of the World’s Best Vineyards for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

A winery tour and wine tasting are available as well as a restaurant.

For more information: 03/777503

Domaine Des Tourelles

Located in Chtaura, Domaine Des Tourelles is one of the oldest wineries in Lebanon, founded in 1868.

Winery tours and wine tastings are available.

For more information: 71/211140

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