Lebanese winery Château Wadih produces blue wine

Yes, you read that right! Blue


is a thing! Established in 2010, Château Wadih is a

Lebanese winery



. Two years ago, it started producing the first blue wine in the Middle East. https://www.facebook.com/105544382923499/photos/a.106104156200855.10630.105544382923499/981843725293556/?type=3&theater According to


, the winery produced 4,000 bottles of blue wine to test the Lebanese market. While some people felt that blue wine is weird, others wanted to try it out to experience something new!

What is blue wine?

The blue wine was first developed by a Spanish startup called “Gik.” It’s a group of creators and innovators who wanted to challenge the most traditional industry, which is the wine industry. The blue color is produced through a pigmentation process. It’s a mixture of red and white grapes, and two organic pigments, indigo and anthocyanin, which are pigments found in grape skin. https://www.facebook.com/105544382923499/photos/a.342608872550381.1073741826.105544382923499/1022760201201908/?type=3&theater The innovators chose the color blue because it symbolizes change and constant flow. Château Wadih “bought the anthocyanin from the Spanish maker and started its own production,” according to


. Would you try it?

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