Lebanese E-Sports Player Is Winning The WERC International Tournament!

Lebanese E-Sports Player Is Winning the WERC International Tournament
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Elias Dehni is a Lebanese professional e-sports competitor who has, so far, scored 2 first-place wins in the Junior division of the ongoing tournament for the World ERally Championship (WERC).

WERC is an international virtual racing tournament that takes place over a period of several months across different video gaming platforms.

After winning the Argentina Rally back in April, Dehni dominated the DiRT Rally 2.0 race again in the most recent round of the tournament, the USA Rally, in May.

In the latter, the Lebanese player crossed the finish line with the winning score of 00:33:52.620, after racing 69 competitors from around the world.

With this win, Elias Dehni, who is registered as ELIAS_DEHN05 in the virtual rally tournament, made up for the loss he had suffered during the previous round – the Finland Rally – when his car crashed mid-race.

Dehni’s next challenge, the Greece Rally, starts on the 1st of June and lasts until the 8th.

Following that, the e-sports gamer will have to push through 9 additional rallies, namely Monte Carlo, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, Australia, and Wales, before the competition ends in late November 2020.

Each of these rounds lasts one week and involves 9 different stages with varying settings and virtual weather conditions.

The WERC takes place between more than 500 players across three video game platforms; PC, Xbox One, and PS4, which is Elias Dehni’s console of choice for this tournament.

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