A Lebanese Protester Just Blocked Traffic Using Her Body (Video)


Commuters were frustrated in piling traffic on Wednesday after a woman decided to lay down in the middle of a street to block the road.

The woman is a Lebanese activist often seen with her dog, Putchi, at protests since the October 17 uprising. She is known as “Em Putchi”.

“I want to block this road,” she exclaimed to a driver who left his car pleading to the woman to move. “I want to fill gasoline,” he said, to which another protester laughed sarcastically, “For 62,000 LBP?!”

Protesters have been blocking roads across the country in light of the quickly deteriorating living conditions, gas crisis, the new increase in fuel prices, electricity cuts, and the list goes on, with no evident move from the state to solve these crises.

A new crisis is about to unfurl to add to the multi-layered humiliating crises people in Lebanon are barely surviving, and that is a severe shortage of bread.

The President of the General Labor Union, Bechara Asmar, just warned on Wednesday that the lack of fuel could lead to a bread crisis very soon.

Meanwhile, in Tripoli, chaos is unfolding as the city is revolting. People, including armed protesters, have taken to the streets expressing desperation over the humiliation the Lebanese ruling body has brought their lives to become.

This video of Em Putchi is now going viral, with many people celebrating her and others getting inspired to block roads in their cities this way.

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