Lebanese woman sentenced to eight years in jail for insulting Egyptians in a video

Last month, a Lebanese tourist named Mona El Mazbouh was arrested for posting a 10-minute-video on Facebook insulting Egyptians and the condition of sexual harassment in Egypt. She was arrested at Cairo International Airport at the end of her trip. Mona was

sentenced to 8 years in prison

on Saturday. A court in Cairo found her guilty of spreading false rumors about Egypt and using profanities to describe Egyptians.

In the video, Mona described how she was sexually assaulted in Egypt. She also said that some of her belongings were stolen. Mona posted a

second video

where she apologized and said that she did not accuse all Egyptians. Her lawyer, Emad Kamal, said that the verdict is harsh and that an appeals court will take place on July 29.

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