Meet The Lebanese Women Excelling In The Art Of Tattoo In Lebanon

Lebanese women are fighting taboos and overcoming assumptions made about them every day. They are making it clear that they are free to take whatever path they chose in life, rejecting as they do so every judgment that might come their way.

The Art of Tattoo is very ancient and has been, so far, traced back to 3351 BC but it is assumed that it existed even farther in time.

It’s an art legacy of numerous cultures around the world; cultures that were not connected geographically or ideologically, hence the fascination around the concept itself.

Recent years have revived that Art everywhere in the world and Lebanon is no exception as body tattooing has become popular.

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This article today is dedicated to the Lebanese female artists who have excelled beyond expectations in their body art careers, despite the ink prescription in various areas in the middle east. 

Plus, you might find your next tattoo destination in this list of INKredibly talented female tattoo artists in Lebanon: 

#1 Joa Antoun (@joaantountattoos)

Joa Antoun was involved with an international community of tattooists in Istanbul, where she still goes to serve her international clients. Her studio, though, is based in Dekwaneh, Lebanon.

Every tattoo this woman designs is a literal piece of art, which is no surprise since she has a degree in graphic design. Clients from all over Lebanon and the world reach Joa for a dynamic and artistic tattoo.

#2 Karen Klink (@Karen_klink)

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This artist is an illustrator who fell in love with tattooing and creating human bonds with her clients ever since she was first introduced to this art.

Her tattoos have a soul of their own; the lines are very precise and the designs are so unique and full of life, as most of her drawing is related to nature, animals, and flowers.

Her most remarkable work, though, are geometric tattoos. She works in Beirut in addition to her contributions around the world.

#3 Jessica Najem (@jessicanajemtattoos)

Jessica’s interest in drawing and tattooing started when she was very young. After years of working with other artists, she finally decided to open her own tattoo shop, which she called The Candy Shop.

Most tattoos done by Jessica are simple, precise, and absolutely beautiful. That doesn’t mean, however, that she can’t go big and complicated. She is absolutely talented and is based in Sarba, Kessrwan.

#4 Lea Feitrouni (@feitrouni.lea)

Lea Feitrouni found her passion at the age of 25, when she went to Russia to do her tattoo training before opening her own studio in Adonis, Kessrwan.

She then took her artistic work everywhere, having clients almost all around the world. She is unbelievably talented with cool and dynamic designs.

#5 Maryline Trad (@marilinetradtattoos)

You can know that this girl is a huge tattoo lover with amazing taste by just looking at her. She’s an inked professional tattoo artist at Free-Style Tattoo Shop in Jbeil, Lebanon.

There’s absolutely nothing Maryline can’t do when it comes to tattoos. Her designs vary from geometric, patterned, colorful, tiny tattoos, and you name it!

#6 Vanessa Rached (

Another tattoo artist with a special and artistic style.  Each of her designed tattoos is one of a kind in regard to ideas, shapes, and color combinations.

Her work is extremely beautiful and very unique. Her studio is based in Jounieh, Kessrwan.

These Lebanese women and many others lead big careers based on passion, hard work, creativity, and strong will.

A work of art can never be defined, but each of these body art professionals is unique in her style and designs.

That makes female tattoo artists essential and important to this field in Lebanon. May Lebanese women always keep breaking boundaries and exceeding limits!

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