Lebanese Women Protested Against Sexual Abuse Laws, Calling For Harsh Punishments


Lebanese women took to the streets of Nejmeh Square on Saturday in front of the Parliament building to demand harsher punishments for sexual abuse.

This protest is part of the UN Lebanon’s 16-day gender-based violence awareness campaign and the slogan for this year is “Not An Honor, Not A Shame.”

The protesters were dressed in black and held sheets stating “A Serious Sentence For A Serious Crime” and “Dear MPs Punish My Abuser” written in red.

On Friday, an ABAAD study was released, revealing 6 out of 10 Lebanese women did not report sexual assault due to “family honor,” and 3 out of 10 women’s daughters did not report the crime out of fear that no one would believe them.

The current punishment for sexual offenders, according to Article 205, includes just “up to four years in prison and fines up to 50 times the minimum wage.”

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