Lebanese Women Revolted on International Women’s Day


On International Women’s Day 2020, Lebanese women wanted to celebrate while also adhering to their revolutionary commitment. They celebrated by marching the streets, raising banners and the Lebanese flag, chanting to the revolution, and filling the streets with art, graffiti, and feminism.

Amid the Lebanese citizens who have the most reasons to revolt are Lebanese women. Discrimination and sexism are still a problem in Lebanon, but those fearless, brave women are revolting against them.

The revolution isn’t just against the politicians’ corruption. Its goal is for all Lebanese people to have a decent life in all its shapes and forms where the rights of the citizens are honored.

These activists have many demands, including criminalizing sexual harassment, the right for the custody of their children in divorces, the right of the children to their Lebanese mother’s nationality, regardless of whom they married, and that’s among many, many other rightful demands.

These demands for long-overdue basic rights, of which Lebanon is so far behind, have been present since day one of the Lebanese protests and also way before the revolution started.

Sunday 8 March was just a day to reinforce them, and as powerfully as they need to.

A big march broke out in Beirut’s streets since early morning. Women, men, and kids gathered in front of the National Museum and then marched across Beirut, making occasional stops in front of the Banks Association and on the Ring bridge, etc.

In spite of the social and economic crisis, and in spite of the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, people gathered in big numbers, locked arms and walked together, singing and chanting.

This didn’t only take place in Beirut, but people also organized a march in Baalbeck, in honor of all Lebanese women and in support of their rights.

We salute our women for their dedication, strength, and focus on the rightful goal, for their contribution to the Lebanese revolution, and for keeping it alive and peaceful.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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