Lebanese Man Arrested For Working With Israeli Intelligence

A man was arrested in eastern Lebanon for working with Israeli intelligence, according to the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

A man was arrested in eastern Lebanon for working with Israeli intelligence, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced on Friday.

In line with efforts to expose networks collaborating with Israel in Lebanon, on June 30, the ISF Information Branch arrested an individual in western Beqaa who had been in contact with Israeli intelligence.

30-year-old Lebanese national “M.Y.” confessed during his interrogation that he had initiated contact with Israeli security apparatus more than two years prior to his arrest.

In early 2019, he sent an email to multiple Israeli apparatus asking to work for them. He was later contacted by an individual who offered him to work by gathering information.

The individual also tasked him with various other missions in exchange for money, and M.Y. agreed to perform them.

“His operator trained him and asked him to collect certain information that he specified for him, so he carried out his requests and provided the enemy with the required information,” the ISF said.

In addition, the suspect attempted to contact the website of the Israeli military via an email requesting to work for them.

The abovementioned information was verified by the detainee’s statements and their conformity with the analysis of his phones and seized belongings, according to the ISF.

The detainee has been referred to the competent judicial authority based on a judicial notice.

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