Watch Lebanon Compete In The 1980 Disco Dance World Final (VIDEO)


We came across this video from the 1980 Disco Dance World Final in which a Henri Daou represented Lebanon.

Back then, the country was in the middle of the civil war (1975-1990), yet the Disco had its great times in Lebanon’s night-clubs. The Lebanese people who lived those times can remember, and remember John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever.

To note that, in 1978, the Disco dancing style was starting, shyly though, until, amid the trending punk movement, John Travolta kicked it off with his role in Saturday Night Fever. A new worldwide wave took off.

It was the high “watermark” of the Disco, reinforced by Travolta again with his role in Grease as Danny Zukko, which came right after Saturday Night Fever. It was a hit. Travolta bewildered the world with his Disco moves.

The disco exploded and became a rage around the world, including in Lebanon.

In the United Kingdom, Thames Television production tapped into the raging wave, launching in 1979 The World Disco Dancin’ Championships –its title was without the “G”, an emerging fashion trend of the time).

EMI, a well-known company in the music industry, was the main sponsor of the series from 1979 to 1980. It ran till 1984 with the 1983 and 1984 championships televised on UK Channel Four.

The prizes ranged from cars, cash, and electronics, like TVs.

Henri Daou from Lebanon competed, reaching the finals in 1980. The winning prize, however, went to Godfrey Raseroka from South Africa.

Watch Henri Daou appearing at the 8 minute & 10-second mark.

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