Lebanon Just Recorded Over 2,000 Coronavirus Cases For The First Time

Reuters/Mohammad Azakir

Lebanon has once again broken its daily coronavirus (COVID-19) case record. In its daily COVID-19 report, the Health Ministry revealed that over 2,000 cases had been recorded.

The Thursday report announced that 7 new deaths were recorded in addition to the 2,089 new infection cases.

The COVID-19 situation in Lebanon is becoming increasingly alarming as the country is continuously setting new records for its daily case numbers.

Meanwhile, the country’s hospitals are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming increase in infection cases.

The deteriorating situation has Lebanese officials debating whether they should impose a new total lockdown, instead of the partial one currently active.

On his part, caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hasan said that Lebanon should imitate European countries in that regard, in that it should provide social assistance to its citizens during a new lockdown.

However, he stressed that the state is currently unable to provide such assistance.

Describing the current public health situation as “a disaster,” Hasan criticized the lack of seriousness on the part of municipalities that he implied were responsible for the ineffectiveness of the first total lockdown that Lebanon went through.

As for private hospitals, “work has become more serious than before with them, but there is still default and there are not enough beds in them yet,” the official explained in a radio interview.

As of the time of writing, the total number of cases recorded in Lebanon since the pandemic reached it in February is 89,186, of which 42,683 are active cases.

Furthermore, COVID-19-related deaths are now 683, while the total recoveries amount to 45,820.

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