Lebanon Just Won 38 Awards At Innovation Week IWA 2020

@MoussaSweidan | Lebanese Innovators Society

Despite Lebanon’s youth feeling desperate and unmotivated, this hasn’t stopped them from making their homeland proud in international festivals and more.

In the third week of Innovation Week IWA 2020, 38 Lebanese were granted awards for their innovations.

Innovation Week is a major annual event, said to be the biggest inventors’ event, organized by Moroc OFEED in Morocco.

It provides innovators with a platform to execute their visions and to participate in Moroccan Innovation fairs and exhibitions, thus enhancing Morocco’s international relations.

International and local creators are participating in the IWA’s online event that started on September 8th and runs for 15 weeks, and where each innovator has the opportunity to showcase his or her creation during Live sessions transmitted by OFEED Web TV. 

Despite the ongoing hardships the Lebanese have been dealing with, Lebanon was reportedly the country with the most participants in the fair and scoring 38 awards in week 3.

Winning the grand prize, Imad Agi stunned the jury with his Ecoloo innovation. Also, each of the innovators of the Synthesis of New Poly-Urethane filters won the semi-grand prize and gold medals.

IWA’s gold medal prize was also awarded to Lebanese innovations such as Al Jawhar, COVID-19 X-Ray tester, Green Concerto, Wireless Social Distance Meter, and Robozone, which is a Robot for the disinfection of hospitals and universities.

Lebanese winners of the Silver medal are the following innovative projects:

  • Mobile sorting Machine for solid waste
  • New bio cement from onion extract for dental application
  • Unattended Electronic Thermometer
  • Robot Guard Protecting Kids and Elderly People to Face Coronavirus
  • New bio cement from onion extract for dental application
  • MicroLogic Faraj Group Complex Ventilator Ver 1
  • Micrologic Faraj Group Oxygenator Project

The Bronze Medal was awarded to SPIMS by Ali Faraj.

Among the outstanding innovators that are bringing home these top awards: Akram Hijazi, Moussa Sweidan, Antoun Abou Sleiman, Badi Shater, Jean Melhem Merhy, Mahmoud Kattan, Mostafa Hamieh, Rim Nasserdine, Tarek Ahmed, and Wassef Al-Khatib.

The list of the Lebanese winners, their innovations, and their awards can be viewed here.

According to OFEED, “only Gold Medals and Grand Prizes will be announced ON AIR. All other awards will be published at the end of IWA 2020 event on December 19th, 2020.”

To watch the ongoing and remaining sessions until then, visit here.

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