Lebanon Wins 6 Medals On First Day Of Ski Championship

Lebanon Wins 6 Medals On First Day Of Ski Championship
Lebanese Ski Federation

Lebanon won 6 medals on the first day of the international Small Evolving Ski (SES) Nations Cup, which it is hosting in Bcharre.

The first-day races were held on Friday, involving 80 skiers in the 1.2-km sprint category, in accordance with preventive health measures implemented by the Lebanese Ski Federation.

The championship includes men’s, women’s, and juniors’ races and is being hosted under the patronage of Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun. Lebanese skiers won 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals.

The results of the Friday races are as follows, in order:


  1. Elie Tawk (Lebanese).
  2. Paul Keyrouz (Lebanese).
  3. Andres Quintez (Colombia).


  1. Diaz Gonzalez (Argentina).
  2. Regina Martinez (Mexico).
  3. Huguette Fakhry (Lebanon).


  1. Joe Tawk (Lebanon).
  2. Mansour Geagea (Lebanon).
  3. George Ibrahim (Lebanon).

The races were supervised by the delegate of the International Ski Federation, Ozcan Kyumko, alongside Zeina Derian, member of the Lebanese Ski Federation and head of the technical committee.

The championship, in which skiers from 9 countries are participating, will resume for the second day on Saturday with 1.2-km sprint races for each of the aforementioned categories.

It’s worth noting that the Lebanese Ski Federation has decided to include races for children under 16, under 14, and under 12 in a move that enables them to hone their skills.