Lebanon Records 748 New COVID-19 Cases & 23 Deaths

Lebanon Records New COVID-19 Cases & Deaths

Lebanon recorded 748 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases on Tuesday, the Health Ministry indicated in its latest report on the outbreak.

Between Monday and Tuesday, 23 COVID-19 patients passed away and 7,473 others recovered, according to the report.

This raises the total number of virus-related deaths registered in Lebanon so far to 7,368, while the number of full recoveries has reached 472,133.

The cumulative number of infections confirmed in the country since the pandemic started is currently 529,205, which, taking into account the death and recovery numbers, means that 49,704 cases in Lebanon are active as of Tuesday.

Of the total infections, 2,690 are healthcare workers

14,800 tests for detecting COVID-19 were administered across the country in the past 24 hours, including 10,720 local PCR tests, 3,337 airport PCR tests, 257 PCR tests administered at land border crossings, and 476 antigen tests.

As of the time of writing, there are 1,101 COVID-19 patients in hospital beds in Lebanon, 513 in critical condition in intensive care unit beds, and 169 on mechanical ventilation.

Since Lebanon’s vaccination campaign started, 175,521 people have completed their vaccination, including 4,478 who received their second vaccine shot between Monday and Tuesday.

2,873 people received their first vaccine dose in the same period, raising the total number of individuals who have been vaccinated with the first shot so far in Lebanon to 305,481.

On Monday, the Health Ministry confirmed 249 infections and 21 deaths.

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