Will Lebanon Be Affected By Italy’s Latest Volcanic Eruption?

Will Lebanon Be Affected By Italy's Latest Volcanic Eruption?
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The Mount Etna volcano in Italy has erupted again, releasing thick clouds of ash into the atmosphere. Michel Afram, Director-General of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) has commented on the eruption.

“There is no danger to Lebanon from the eruption of the Etna volcano in Italy, despite the fact that it is releasing lava, gases, and dust into the atmosphere, which carry sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide,” Afram announced in a statement on Monday.

The reason why Lebanon will be safe from these toxic fumes is the fact that the winds that are currently influencing the country are northwesterly.

These winds will push away any winds that might come carrying hazardous gases from Italy, according to Afram.

“Dust from the Etna volcano is moving from southern Italy to northern Africa. Everything rumored on social media about it is not true,” Afram’s statement concluded.

Mount Etna, which is located on the east coast of Sicily, is an active stratovolcano that rises 3,350 meters above sea level.

Prior to the major eruption registered on Sunday, several episodes of short lava fountaining had been recorded occurring from the volcano.

Lebanon had dodged similar toxic clouds from the same volcano back in April when it was under the influence of warm east winds.