Lebanon and Saudi Arabia Celebrate 90 Years of Relationship

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari and Minister of Information Jamal Jarrah launched a photography exhibition titled “Throbbing Evidence” in celebration of 90 years of bilateral relations between both countries.


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This exhibition was opened on the occasion of the World Photography Day, in the presence of a number of former presidents, ministers, and representatives, as well as ambassadors and a number of political, security, and diplomatic figures.

It gathered a collection of photographs, manuscripts, documents and books documenting Saudi-Lebanese relations with images dating about eighty years with the various kings of the kingdom, and Lebanese presidents and leaders.


During the launching, Saudi ambassador Walid Bukhari spoke about the exhibition describing it as “Unique” considering that the content proved that the relations of our countries are rooted in history.

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He also recalled the words of King Abdul Aziz bin Abdulrahman who said: “Lebanon is part of us. I protect its independence myself and will not allow anything to harm it.”



For his part, Minister Jarrah, who was representing Prime Minister Saad Hariri, stated: “We do not need to talk much to show the depth of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon and between the people of Saudi Arabia and the Lebanese people… The Kingdom, in all stages of its rule, has always been keen on the stability of Lebanon, protects Lebanon and its stability, and is keen on its prosperity and growth…”

He also declared his hope in the continuation of the relationship. “This historic relationship, which has deep roots, will continue and develop because we still need this Arab embrace under these harsh conditions and under the attacks on the Arab region because Lebanon is actually the main center from which Arabism originates.”


Via The Daily Star/Mohamad Azakir

The exhibition is located in Beit Beirut -Sodeco, in the area that used to be the frontline that divided the city during the civil war.

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