Lebanon Awarded The Iconic Ballerina Georgette Gebara With The Silver Medal Of Merit

Lebanese Presidency

The Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, has awarded Georgette Gebara the prestigious Lebanese Silver Medal of Merit, one of Lebanon’s highest medals, in a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace.

The Lebanese world-renowned choreographer, dancer, writer, and educator was honored in appreciation for her cultural value and art history and her bright presence in the memory of the Lebanese people.

As a young student, she showed an early talent in dancing and landed leading roles in classical ballets.

She had used her experience in dancing and education to initiate the “École Libanaise de Ballet”, a ballet-focused dance school, in Beirut in 1964.

The multi-awarded and internationally celebrated dancer and choreographer, Georgette Gebara, is honored as an icon of Lebanon, and many describe her to be the first prima ballerina in Lebanon and the region.