Lebanon Heads Back Into Total Lockdown For 2 Weeks


Due to a shocking surge in coronavirus cases, the caretaker Interior Minister approved a nationwide lockdown for the next two weeks, with the exception of the airport and parts of Beirut that need reparations.

The virus has spread vastly across the country. Lebanon’s coronavirus situation has reached a record high in daily confirmed cases, latest being 456 in one day.

That’s in addition to 105 recorded deaths since February.

Accordingly, caretaker Health Minister Hassan Hamad called on Monday for a 2-week lockdown to halt the rapid spreading of the infection.

Late last month, Lebanon entered a strict 2-week lockdown from July 28th and August 10th, skipped Aug. 4th and 5th for reasons not understood.

However, on August 4th, Lebanon’s Interior Minister lifted the lockdown due to the explosion that destroyed a large portion of Beirut.

Lebanon’s already fragile health care system is being overwhelmed with both coronavirus patients and the thousands of people who have sustained serious injuries during the blast.

The lockdown will begin August 21st until September 6th across the entire country, closing hopping centers, malls, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, pools both indoor and outdoor, gyms, sports clubs, corniche, etc.

A nightly curfew will also be implemented starting from 6 pm until 6 am.

The Lebanese Army is in charge of enforcing the lockdown and can prosecute those who violate it. The army is also officially in control over the security of Beirut during the month-long State of Emergency.

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