Banks in Lebanon Are Pledging $6 million to Fight Coronavirus

The Association of Banks in just reported that they will be donating 6 million dollars to the Lebanese Government and to Rafik Hariri Hospital in its fight against the emerging .

The governmental presidency announced that upon a visit of a delegation from the Association of Banks to Lebanese Prime Minister , banks agreed to donate 6 million USD for the purchase of 120 respirators.

The donation is also made for the provision of specialized hospital rooms to treat people infected with in a number of government hospitals in various Lebanese governorates.

Months after banks have frozen the money of millions of Lebanese depositors residing in and outside of , the Association of Banks has declared that it’s willing to help fight the financially.

Lebanese hospitals, just like hospitals worldwide, have been suffering from the shortage in the medical equipment required to aid patients infected with the .

Some of the equipment needed is respiration machines (ventilators) for patients suffering from pneumonia, a common symptom for the . The other medical equipment needed is hazmats which can cost up to 600$ each.

OMT and Josons, along with other Lebanese companies, have pledged donations for Rafik Hariri Hospital to help equip it with the necessary kits. However, the Bank of Association’s donation is estimated as the biggest nationally so far.

China has also donated medical supplies to Lebanon and intends on offering more to help in its fight. These donations give the Lebanese more hope and trust in the medical system on duty.

The pledge of the Association of Banks took people by surprise, under the circumstances the country has suffered from due to the archaic and incomprehensive decisions the banks have been making over the past few months.

However, the people of have been expecting, and demanding, this financial donation as a way of taking responsibility for the current health emergency is part of.

It is to note that the bank sector in is speculated as one of the few sectors that are still considered rich and can help in its resurrection, financially and economically.

People only hope that the generous donation of 6 million dollars to fight coronavirus (COVID-19) is not taken out of the people’s personal deposit but rather from the investments the banks normally do with the deposits.

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