Lebanon Beat Indonesia In The Basketball World Championships

FA Lebanon - Rayane Moussallem

Lebanon men’s basketball team renewed its victory over its Indonesian counterpart with a winning difference of 46 points.

Lebanon gained 110 points while Indonesia gained 64 points in the second match of the “Second Window” in the Asia Cup international basketball tournament qualifiers for the World Cup finals.

The match took place in the Nouhad Nawfal complex in Zouk Mikael, where National coach Joe Mojaes followed the plan of involving all players since the first quarter.

The Cedars team won the first match 96-38 in the same stadium on November 26th and finished the “first window” of the qualifiers with two deserved and big victories over its Indonesian opponent.

In the second quarter, Indonesia managed to keep pace with the Lebanese team until the difference reached on point in favor of Lebanon 29-28 at the beginning of the second quarter.

Indonesia held out in the first and second quarters to then be defeated in the third and fourth.

Lebanon’s team will now face Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the “second window” in February.

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