Lebanon Is Building A New $70 Million Airport Terminal To Accommodate 20 Million Travelers A Year

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A tender of $70 million will be initiated for the construction of Rafic Hariri International Airport of Beirut’s second terminal.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamie, stated that the Terminal will be used for carrying Muslim pilgrims, as well as chartered and low-cost flights.

As stated by the airport’s website, the construction will also increase the capacity of the airport from 8 million passengers to 20 million by 2030.

Lebanon has started welcoming tourists and the Lebanese diaspora for this summer season.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Walid Nassar, Lebanon is expecting to receive between 10,000 and 12,000 passengers per day or about 1 million passengers over the coming months.

He added that the airline and hotel’s occupancy rates are full and that the “Lebanese expatriates and foreigners who love Lebanon will come […] and it will be a promising summer.”

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