Lebanon’s Campaign Against Cyber Extortion Wins Best Awareness Film

The Cabinet

Lebanon won the award for the Best Awareness Film at the 45th Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders in Tunisia. The film was chosen in a selection of the Top 5 Awareness Films.

The film was submitted by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF).

It was prepared by the National Commission for Lebanese Women and the ISF as part of a German government-funded program to fight cyber extortion and cyber blackmail.

The video was produced by the branding agency of the Lebanese photographer Natheer Halwani, The Cabinet.

It was directed by Sandra Boutros, written by Abdel Rahman Tekriti, and the production manager Rayane Karouta, Natheer Najd Halawani, and Elias Zayek as the faces of the campaign.

It should be noted that the production of this awareness film awareness was part of the program “Anti-violence against women and girls in Lebanon” funded by the German government and implemented by the National Commission For Lebanese Women’s Affairs in collaboration with GIZ.

This awareness campaign against cyber extortion and cyber blackmail is not the first in the country. Many NGOs and national bodies are doing the best they can to stop this cybercrime.

They have been working on protecting the young generation against the danger of the digital world especially during and after the lockdowns that yielded more extortion and sexual harassment crimes in Lebanon.

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Lebanon's Campaign Against Cyber Extortion Wins Best Awareness Film

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