Lebanon’s Château Musar Ranked Among The World Top 100 Wineries Of 2022 By Wine & Spirits

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The Wine & Spirits Magazine announced the Top 100 Wineries Of 2022 from different regions around the world.

Wineries from France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Canada, Greece, Italy, the U.S., Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and Chile were featured in this prestigious ranking.

Lebanon was also present on the list, with Château Musar featured on Wine & Spirits’ Top 100 Wineries Of 2022.

“Yet again, another achievement that reflects a global appreciation of Lebanese terroir and savoir-faire,” stated the brand via its Instagram page.

Château Musar was established by Gaston Hochar, who began making wine in 1930. The brand uses grapes grown in the fertile Bekaa valley, which is home to many of Lebanon’s wineries.

The vineyards of Château Musar are located at an elevation of 1,000 meters and were the first in Lebanon to be certified organic.

The well-known Lebanese wine brand was also awarded in 2017, and ranked by the luxury travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler among the world’s 15 best rosé wines.

It was also ranked 10 in the World’s Most Admired Wine Brands for the Year 2021 and was featured on “The 2021 TEXSOM International Wine Awards” list, among others.