Lebanon Closes Syrian Border Over Coronavirus

Via Reuters

As the Coronavirus becomes an international pandemic, and people are now staying at home to keep it from spreading, there have also been quite a few travel bans since it became a global emergency.

The total number of cases in Lebanon has now reached 93 with 3 deaths and 1 full recovery, as of March 14th noon. The government has made a decision on March 13th to close its border with Syria to contain the spread of the virus.

Sources speaking with Ashraq Al-Awsat said, “The decision would go into effect starting Monday to allow the Lebanese living abroad to travel to Lebanon by land.”

They added, “Following talks, they agreed to quickly establish two field hospitals in the Bekaa valley and the north where Syrian refugees have a high presence.”


Tight measures are being taken in order to prevent illegal border crossings between the 2 countries. Security forces have set up earth mounds and observation towers in order to regulate who goes in and out of Lebanon.

“The government’s measures to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus across Lebanon is considered an unofficial state of emergency,” the sources added.

Lebanon now has 93 coronavirus cases in total

The Lebanese government has been criticized by various political parties for not declaring the situation as a state of emergency, including the leader of the Lebanese Forces party threatening to sue both the prime minister and the health minister.

This decision follows Lebanon banning flights between various countries, such as Italy, South Korea, Iran, China, France, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Germany, Spain, and the UK.

The country has chosen to take the proper decisions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and is receiving equipment from abroad in order to combat the virus, notably recent supports from China, and from France.


The virus is expected to reach its global peak somewhere around this winter. However, with countries such as China, the US, and Canada developing and funding vaccines, it is expected that a vaccine will be released as early as April.

The World Health Organization has released a list of symptoms to look out for and there are several health resources that should be contacted in case you are infected.

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