Lebanon Just Condemned Russia’s Military Invasion Of Ukraine

Lebanese Flag | BBC

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants issued a statement condemning Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. It urged Russia to halt its military operations and withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

In the statement, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry urged Russia “to return to the logic of dialogue and negotiation as an ideal way to resolve the existing conflict in a manner that preserves the sovereignty, security, and concerns of both sides and contributes to sparing the peoples of the two countries, the European continent, and the world from the tragedies and strife of wars.”

The ministry also called on the principle of respecting the sovereignty of states, the integrity of their territories, and the security of their borders.

Adding that “all disputes that may arise between states must be resolved by peaceful means” and commenting that the civilians are the ones to pay the heaviest in such conflicts.

On Thursday, a heartbreaking scene of tears and anger was witnessed in Beirut, outside the Russian Embassy, by Ukrainian nationals in Lebanon protesting against the bombardments on their country and calling on Russia to stop its attacks.

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