Lebanon Held Non-binding Consultations For The New Government Formation

Grand Serail Beirut

Prime Minister Najib Mikati held the parliamentary non-binding consultations on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the formation of a new Lebanese government, following his re-election last Thursday.

According to his statement at the conclusion of the session, it appeared that no tangible outcome came out of it, and the Lebanese nation would have to wait further to have a new government.

His statement was mainly an expression of hope: “I hope that a government will be formed that will be able to finish what the current government has started in terms of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, the electricity plan, and the demarcation of maritime borders.”

Stating that he had listened to the opinions of the members of parliament, he pointed out that “national interest will triumph over all.”

Discordances seem to take the best out of “the national interest”, most evidently with the lack of support Mikati faces in forming a new government.

Among the opposers is Gebran Bassil, who said, “We wished Mikati success and stressed that we want to form a government quickly, and we told him why we do not support him in forming a government.”

Last Thursday, MP Ashraf Rifi also issued a similar statement but for a different reason. He said, “I am boycotting the consultations amid the rule of a destructive system and under a tenure that is willing to burn the country for the sake of the son-in-law”, implying Gebran Bassil.

This is Mikati’s 4th time being prime minister after securing 54 out of 128 votes last week but the challenges ahead could be monumental to him.

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