Lebanon On The Verge Of New Restrictions Due To Covid-19 Relapse

Lebanon Records 2,501 New COVID-19 Cases & 31 Deaths
Anadolu Agency/Houssam Shbaro

Lebanon is on the verge of having strict restrictions on cafes, beaches, pubs, and restaurants.

With the high increase of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and new strains entering the country, restaurants are limiting the entry to only vaccinated people, ones who have gone a PCR test 72 hours before their visit to the destination, and people who have done an antibody test proving their safety.

Such action comes with the aspect of having around 1,500 Covid-19 cases per day after Lebanon featured an extreme drop in the cases a few months ago, reaching almost only 100 cases per day or even less.

Covid-19 cases reached their peak in January after New Year’s celebratory events, leading to an extreme lockdown as the country’s health system was collapsing along with its economic and social systems.

The minister of health Hamad Hassan announced on Sunday the possibility of going back to extreme health measurements at the beginning of September, if the ICU occupations reach 70 % to 75%, to save what’s left of the health system.

Lebanon is set to receive $836 million from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as compensation for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and, according to the health minister, the funds will be invested into the hospital sector.

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