Lebanon sinks old tanks to create underwater park

Sidon witnessed the installation of the largest underwater park to create a new haven for wildlife and an artificial coral reef in the Mediterranean’s eastern basin, according to a source.

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The Lebanese Army donated ten military vehicles including six old tanks. This initiative was led by The Friends of the Coast of Sidon. The environmental group aims to create a new attraction for tourists and divers.

Artificial reefs are human-made underwater structures that promote marine life. They can show quick increases in local fish population rehabilitation, coral reef, and algae growth. 

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The military vehicles will provide shelter for tiny fish and a place where corals can grow. It’s a safe and suitable habitat. 

Many countries in the world create underwater parks to protect marine life. The Cancún Underwater Museum is an artificial reef in Mexico. It has a total of 500 sculptures. The museum saves coral reefs and provides an exciting destination for divers.

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The installation comes as the pollution in Lebanon reached alarming levels. The garbage crisis is taking over the country and the sea. 

Many activists, volunteers, and environmental NGOs are fighting the crisis. However, their efforts will go in vain if the government does not develop a strategic plan to end this disaster.

Municipality of Jbeil bans use of plastic bags

Hats off to the Municipality of Jbeil for banning the use of plastic bags! It is asking the owners of establishments, shops, restaurants, and grocery stores to replace plastic bags with eco-friendly ones that are made of biodegradable material or recyclable fabric by the end of this year.

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The most sustainable method to get things back to normal in Lebanon is to recycle and use eco-friendly materials.

We encourage you to reuse, reduce, and recycle! The three R’s will help us cut down on the amount of waste we throw away.

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