Lebanon Currently Has The Highest Share Of Freelancers In The World

Lebanon Currently Has The Highest Share Of Freelancers In The World
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Lebanon currently leads the world in the share of freelancers, new data has revealed.

According to the Revelio Labs workforce intelligence company, Lebanon has the largest share of freelancers in the world at 2.4%. The figure has gone up from being 1.3% 10 years ago, the data shows.

It’s worth noting that the entirety of the freelance economy has grown considerably since 2009.

The growing industry’s share of the global economy increased from around 0.4% to over 0.7% between 2009 and 2019, according to the same data, and the growth did not stop there.

It’s no secret that many people boarded the freelance train with the onset of the prevailing pandemic and its crippling effect on the global economy.

This is also true in Lebanon’s case, where the accompanying economic crisis has increased unemployment and pushed more people to seek alternative ways to make their living.

Lebanon currently leads the world in the field of freelancing, new data has revealed.
Revelio Labs

However, despite the presence of a large number of freelancers in Lebanon, the country’s freelance industry is certainly not the healthiest in the world.

The economic crisis and the devaluation of the Lebanese pound in the face of the U.S. dollar have meant that many freelancers are seeking clients from abroad, with the goal of getting paid in foreign currency.

To be able to work efficiently, however, a remote worker needs a reliable internet connection. And, in a country where refueling a car has become a grueling, hours-long task and electricity is available for a few hours per day, the internet is far from reliable.

Recent data has shown that at least 14,000 people in Lebanon have lost their internet connection due to the suspension of operations at some Ogero centers.

If the fuel crisis continues to grow, the abovementioned number is sure to grow alongside it, effectively killing the promising rise of a young industry.

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Lebanon Currently Has The Highest Share Of Freelancers In The World

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