There’s Now A Shared Working Space For Fashion Designers In Lebanon


Le Coin Couture is a newly established atelier in Beirut, created as a working space for fashion designers who cannot afford their own atelier, whether they are starting their careers or they have been hit by the disaster of the Beirut explosion.

This common atelier provides them with their own space and is fully equipped with all that a designer could need to use before being able to establish their own space or to continue their operation until they are able to repair their own blast-damaged atelier.

The creative initiative was initially made in order to aid aspiring fashion designers, stylists, and other creatives in the fashion industry.

The place is fully equipped with a sketching room, sewing room, a fitting room that doubles as a showroom, a living room for clients to meet up, and even a space for photoshoots, and an outdoor recreational area.

Le Coin Couture’s initiative was inspired by the difficulty that the creatives have been facing in Lebanon this year. The initiators behind the concept believe that now is the time to support local businesses and talents.

The place allows designers to expand their connections while simultaneously learn from others too.

It’s for rent weekly, monthly, or for any customizable period that the designers need, making it the perfect fit for anyone who’s finding it difficult to buy their own equipment and space for the time being.

Located in a quiet street of Antelias, north of Beirut, Le Coin Couture affords designers flexible working hours, 6 days a week.

Basically, it is “a versatile on-demand atelier where vision becomes creation,” as Le Coin Couture summarizes itself on its Instagram @lecoincouture_.

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