Millions Of Captagon Pills Headed For Saudi Arabia Were Just Found At The Beirut Port

SBI | Annahar

On Friday, caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi seized a large number of narcotic pills in a shipping container at the Beirut Port.

The shipment, which included millions of Captagon pills, was destined for Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Fahmi stated to local media, adding that the pills were found in a container exporting rocks.

Speaking about the bust, Fahmi said, “I ask all Lebanese citizens to collaborate with the Lebanese authorities to restore confidence in their country.”

This comes after Lebanese authorities seized around 250,000 Captagon pills at the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport on Wednesday.

The pills, hidden in small electric water pumps, were also bound for Saudi Arabia.

These recent busts come as Lebanon works to clear its name by foiling all drug trafficking attempts following the pomegranate-Captagon incident with Saudi Arabia in April, which led to a ban on Lebanese fruit and vegetable shipments.

On Thursday, Beirut Airport security personnel intercepted an attempt to smuggle $480,000 in fake bills that were hidden in the luggage of 3 passengers.

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