Former Head Of Lebanon’s Central Drug Enforcement Office Is Accused Of Drug Trafficking


The deputy commissioner for the military court, Judge Mona Hankir, has pleaded against the former head of the Central Drug Enforcement Office (DEO), H.N, and two DEO officers.

The trio is being accused of the crime of drug trafficking after it became apparent that an unspecified quantity of seized drugs was missing from the DEO’s warehouse.

The drug missing: crack cocaine (or “baz cocaine” as it is referred to by the Internal Security Forces).

Judge Hankir has referred the file and detainees to investigative Judge Fadi Sawan, who was previously tasked with leading the Beirut blast probe but was later removed.

This coincides with the busting of two drug operations this week linked to Lebanon. 4 tons of cannabis from Lebanon were seized in Greece. In Saudi Arabia, millions of amphetamine pills were found hidden in crates of pomegranates from Lebanon, prompting the Saudi officials to ban import of Lebanon’s fruits and vegetables.

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