Lebanon’s Electrical Grid Down By 240 MW After Turkish Ships Cut Supply

Lebanon's Electrical Grid Down By 240 MW After Turkish Ships Cut Supply

Electricité du Liban (EDL) is taking measures in response to the suspension of power generation by the Turkish power ships in Lebanon.

In a statement on Friday afternoon, EDL said that the loss of the electricity supplied by the Turkish ships reduced the total production capacity available on Lebanon’s electrical grid by around 240 megawatts.

To reduce the effects of this deficit, EDL has managed to start some production groups in Zouk Mosbeh and Jiyeh, increase the production capacity of the old Zouk power plant, and place a production group in the thermal plant in Tyre.

These measures will supply the grid with around 130 megawatts, which partially compensates for the loss.

EDL added that it was also forced to take precautionary measures by reducing its production capacities in power plants in proportion to the available fuel stock, “in order to maintain the electrical supply for the longest possible period.”

These measures will remain in place until the proposal to provide EDL with the advance payment of 300 billion Lebanese pounds is settled, the company said.

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