Lebanon Education Minister Accused Of Alleged Forgery And Violating The Law

Lebanon Education Minister Accused Of Forgery And Violating The Law
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Caretaker Education Minister Tarek Al-Majzoub has been under the spotlight recently due to his quarrel with the former education minister, Elias Bou Saab, and his cousin Nada Oueijan.

The controversy between Al-Majzoub and Oueijan, the former head of the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD), heightened when the former discharged Oueijan.

Now, Oueijan is striking back, accusing the caretaker Minister of alleged forgery and violating the law.

The accusations came as the former CERD head submitted an appeal against official decisions approved by Al-Majzoub.

After reviewing the appeal, the Lebanese State Shura Council suspended the execution of 4 decisions by Al-Majzoub.

In a response to the development, former Education Minister Elias Bou Saab announced that he would file a lawsuit against the caretaker Minister.

He explained that he had decided to sue Al-Majzoub after the latter refused to accept his invitation to a TV debate to settle their grievances, which involved Al-Majzoub accusing Bou Saab of nepotism.

Bou Saab also cited “the last decision made by the State Council, which discredited him and exposed his slanders” in the statement wherein he announced the lawsuit.

In a recent TV appearance, Al-Majzoub said that Bou Saab’s cousin, Oueijan, when she still headed the CERD, had requested $32 million for a single project, which he refused to disburse from the ministry.

He also revealed, in the Al-Jadeed TV episode dedicated to exposing corruption in the Education Ministry, that hundreds of millions of dollars had vanished from the Ministry, with much of them going as bonuses to some Ministry employees.

The controversial episode, in which Al-Majzoub took a jab at Bou Saab, preceded the two exchanging accusations and harsh remarks.

The current caretaker Education Minister has so far not commented on Bou Saab’s announcement of legal action against him.

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Lebanon Education Minister Accused Of Alleged Forgery And Violating The Law

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