Turnout For Lebanon Elections Just Reached 1.67% So Far, Here’s The Breakdown Per District


According to the Annahar newspaper, the voting turnout percentage reached 1.67% by 9:00 am.

The voting percentage of Beirut I reached 1.20%, whereas the Beirut II district recorded a percentage of 0.79%.

Here is the breakdown for the other districts:

  • Mount Lebanon I: 0.51%
  • Mount Lebanon II: 1.81%
  • Mount Lebanon III: 2.48%
  • Mount Lebanon IV: 1.62%
  • South I: 2.43%
  • South II: 1.20%
  • South III: 1.10%
  • North I: 1.30%
  • North II: 1.67%
  • North III: 2.33%
  • Beqaa I: 1.16
  • Beqaa II: 1.80%
  • Beqaa III: 2.33%

Incidents have been many so far around polling centers, namely in areas where Hezbollah-Amal and Lebanese Forces are competing in these elections. Their clashes in Zahle turned violent, yielding injuries.

LADE has already recorded a series of violations at polling stations, including the interference of a security officer with the voting of a citizen.

In Tyre, LADE monitors had to retreat after being threatened by reps from Hezbollah and Amal.

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