This Company Wants To Create Electric Cars In Lebanon

Company Wants To Establish First Electric Car Factory In Lebanon

Electra announced that it would launch its first electric vehicle, stating in a press release that it looked to outperform, outprice, and outclass the current electric vehicle (EV) market by building “an ecofriendly supercar fit for the mid-range consumer.”

“While watching the market for electric vehicles we noticed that either the EV cars were very expensive or not appealing in look to the customer base,” Electra’s founder and CEO, Jihad Mohammad, was quoted as saying in the statement.

Electra's 'RISE' electric car.
Electra’s ‘RISE’ electric car

“In order to increase customer interest, we decided to design and build a car that will be ranked as a supercar, but still be affordable to the medium-budget client,” he added.

The company’s priority, according to the same statement, is to have a greater positive impact on the environment rather than to generate higher profits.

The Lebanese Industry Ministry welcomed a suggestion to establish the first factory for manufacturing electric cars in Lebanon.

On Monday, caretaker Industry Minister Imad Hoballah headed a meeting in his office, attended by a delegation of the Lebanon-based car manufacturing company, Electra.

The delegation, headed by the company’s founder and CEO, presented the idea of establishing the first factory for Lebanese-made electric vehicles in Lebanon.

Hoballah praised the idea and expressed his willingness to have the Industry Ministry and its staff cooperate with Electra on this project, “because of the distinct national interest that it represents in the history of Lebanese industry.”

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