Lebanon’s Electricity Supply Will Soon Start Improving

Lebanon's Electricity Supply Will Soon Start Improving

Electricity supply across Lebanon will begin to improve soon, after a period of hard rationing in some areas, the Electricité du Liban (EDL) said on Thursday.

In a statement, the EDL announced that the tanker transporting gas oil had finished unloading the quantity allocated to the Deir Aamar plant and was headed to leave the Lebanese territorial waters.

On Friday, the tanker loaded with Grade-A fuel oil is expected to start unloading at the Jiyeh Thermal Factory, to be followed by the tanker loaded with Grade-B fuel oil, according to the statement.

“Consequently, the gradual improvement of the electricity supply will continue in all Lebanese regions, including the Beirut administrative region,” after the remainder of the fuel is unloaded at the aforementioned locations, the EDL said.

The EDL noted that it “continues to take the necessary precautionary measures to maintain the greatest possible stability in the supply of electricity for the longest possible period within the current difficult conditions that the country is going through.”

That is, it added, especially since it is still disbursing to date from the remaining balance of the state’s contribution to Law No. 6 of 05/03/2020.

Accordingly, “the EDL repeats and reiterates its apology to the honorable citizens for this situation that is beyond its control,” the statement concluded.

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