Lebanon Extending Grocery Store Hours to Limit Number of Interactions

People shop at a supermarket as Lebanese begin to stock up on provisions, in Beirut on March 11, 2020. (AP)

Lebanon’s Minister of Economy Raoul Nehme has requested that owners of supermarkets and grocery stores “temporarily” prolong their opening hours in order to service customers within the new precautionary measures.

By temporarily extending the hours, the number of interactions in the grocery stores will be reduced as fewer people will be inside at a given time; hence preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

As reported by Naharnet, Nehme held an impromptu meeting with importers, and owners of supermarkets and grocery stores in order to make this request.

He asked them to extend working hours while still respecting “containment precautions” against the disease for their own safety and the safety of their customers.

As Lebanon recorded its 93rd case on March 14th, the Ministers across the country continue to impose controls on mass gatherings in order to limit the spread of the virus.

The Minister of Economy further assured that there are no reported shortages in food and other consumer items, stating that there is an “abundance” and no need to rush to stock up goods more than the usual.

Although the Minister’s reassurance aims at making citizens feel better about shortages, this is not what the general public is afraid of.

They are afraid of being out, and would rather make one supermarket run and stock up in order to avoid unnecessary interaction.

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