Lebanon May Face “Existential Crisis” Due to Refugee Camps

refugee camps Lebanon
Children on the Edge

The Lebanese army’s recent operations in Syrian refugee camps have raised concerns about the escalating threats these camps pose.

Army Commander Joseph Aoun recently highlighted the Syrian influx as one of the “most dangerous challenges” facing the military. This statement underscores the urgency of addressing the issue, as Lebanon faces increasing risks.

Political sources argue that the refugee crisis has become a significant burden on Lebanon. They call for international intervention to find lasting solutions.

Meanwhile, some parties expressed concerns about delays in managing the camps, often described as “black boxes.”

The army’s focus has expanded beyond the camps to include controlling illegal sea crossings and border entries.

Security sources warn of a growing “terrorism network” within these camps, with fears of dangerous individuals recruiting armed elements.

The situation necessitates immediate action to prevent further internal and national security risks.

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