Lebanon Is Now Facing A Water Shortage Crisis

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Similar to the electricity crisis that has been ongoing for decades, Lebanon is likely to suffer from a shortage in the water supply.

Earlier this month, experts warned that a water crisis is right around the corner for Lebanon, with many people unable to afford clean water anymore. Despite its rich water resources, Lebanon is unable to exploit them without clear and productive projects.

Many blame the government, and particularly the Ministry of Energy and Water for this crisis. The ministry has failed to develop proper infrastructure to manage the water supply issue.

As a result, people in Lebanon have had to rely on private companies to fill their water tanks. This, however, is a luxury no longer available for many in the country, due to the current economic crisis.


Last summer, UNICEF warned that, unless immediate action is taken, around 60% of the people in Lebanon are in danger of water shortages or even being completely cut off from the water supply.

Despite those warnings, dating back about one year, the Lebanese government took no steps to limit this threat. This led to the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment announcing that it is forced to implement severe water rationing.

Climate change and the shortage of diesel have also accelerated this crisis. This led to the agricultural sector being harshly affected.

Lebanon is and has always been a water-rich country. It has almost 2,000 streams and a mountain chain that supplies 15 rivers. Unfortunately, the country is a hostage to its own mismanagement.

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